Quality-marked Aniline, Anthraquinone, Antimony Potassium Tartrate, etc., are served here!
About Us

Choice Organochem LLP is working with dedication as a manufacturer and supplier. We are dealing in the business activities of rendering speciality and inorganic chemicals. On the specific demand of our loyal customers, we undertake several synthesis processes of pharma intermediates and organic compounds as we are specialized in the field of serving products as per the exact requirements of our clients.

Great industrial know how and vast market experience of more than 6 years in this domain of producing fine chemicals, have made us consistent in delivering singularly the best in line Anthraquinone, Aniline, Ammonium Lignosulphonate, Acrylic Acid, Ammonium Thiocyanate, etc. Our pursuit to develop chemicals as required by the clients makes us their favorite. The quality and technical team efficaciously handles several difficult reactions and at the same time adheres to the highest quality standards and parameters including Analytical Grade, ACS, etc. Our operations are a result of our excellence in implementing innovative business policies.

The basis of our success in the industry is formed on the powerful pillars of  innovation, quality, dedication and utter customer satisfaction. These strengths and our well planned business strategies boosts our capabilities and efficiency in maintaining and meeting the requisite quality standards. We have secured our current position and created newer opportunities for near future by adapting the latest, modern and advanced technology, exploring wider applications and refined processes.

Moreover, we have well maintained the pace and flexibility of production, packaging and delivery processes, to provide a reliable and stable base for our global customers. The finely manufactured and high quality chemicals caters to several high growth sectors including Biotech, Food, Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, etc, which becomes the driving force behind our considerable growth and success in the industry.

A Name To Trust

At Choice Organochem LLP, we believe in serving customers with nothing below the best and this is clearly visible in the high quality standards of our product-line that includes Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid, Ammonium Thiocyanate, etc. We serve customers their choice of offerings with pack size alternatives, grades and locations. From the locations of Hyderabad and Mumbai, we handle our business operations. Our core strength lies in making quality-assured products as per customers' needs.

Our Vision: Echoes Our Dreams

We provide essential and sustainable value to clients.

Our Values: In Harmony With Our Vision

We pay complete focus over wants of customers and employees. This helps us in promoting culture of healthy work environment.  We share close business relationships with shareholders, partners, employees and customers.

Our Culture: Reflects Our Vision & Values
  • Customers' interest lies at the core of business internal processes, actions and mindsets.
  • Reliable strategic and operational partnerships with external units
  • Moral, fair and professional business practices

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